It's been nearly two decades now since we set up shop with a computer, an idea, and a burning desire to make a dent in the universe. In that time span we have have serviced clients, big and small, and transformed the identities of long-established business houses. Today, we are a leading full-service advertising agency in the region.

We have helped small local businesses go high-profile, and larger, better-established concerns renew their images (and themselves) in tune with changing times.

We can do the same for you. Come, talk to us, and we'll listen. Our diverse pool of talent will then tailor a campaign specific to YOUR EXACT REQUIREMENTS. The future awaits.



Managing Director

Fourteen years of industrial experience have made Vikram, our MD, a versatile and valuable member of team Ellkram. His unique blend of leadership, corporate management, and organizational development is the superpower that drives his success in marketing our services, managing our operations, nurturing our business relationships, making strategic decisions, and anything else that requires his magic touch.

Vikram, an engineering graduate from the Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada, is a first-generation entrepreneur.


Creative Director

Shaentelle's creative and artistic vision guides the strategy of your campaign, as well as its overall look and feel. Her keen eye for detail and artistic integrity ensures the effectiveness of the campaign as a whole, as well as its synergy and uniform character.

Shaentelle cut her corporate teeth managing HR at the Latitudes Health Club. She soon expanded her portfolio by taking over its Marketing function, with remarkable results. She is a Commerce graduate, specialized in Computer Science. She also has a Master's degree in Business Administration, and her diverse talents and abilities have earned her certificates from Arena Advertising, UAL, and the London School of Fashion. Her fondness for books, music, and travel enriches her talent and creativity.


Creatively Led

Creativity is what we do. It's the flesh, blood and bones of our operations. When the message is delivered in a manner original and distinct from the crowd, people notice. When it's all that and done well, everyone notices. Creative contrast is vital to perception.

Strategically Driven

Communication works when either party fully understands the other. We therefore stay up-to-date with current trends in tastes, fashion, language, and popular culture. All these affect our campaign strategies, and infuse them with a fresh, relevant vibe.

System Thinkers

Everything's connected. The proverbial butterfly sneezing in Brazil triggers the metaphorical hurricane in Hong Kong. Thus are our campaigns designed and executed, like precision machinery, each part enhancing the performance of all the others. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Humanity Obsessed

All good work elevates humanity. Thus, realizing the power of the communications industry, we build our campaigns around solid information, with a minimum of noise, buzz, and cacophony. We do our bit to transform the industry and, so doing, add to the sum total of human happiness.